Down The Line


Darryl is a leading executive with over 28 years of experience, having served as a Director and CEO in several public and private companies. Throughout his career he has managed and delivered major projects with capital costs well over $200 million dollars. As the founder and CEO of the Clark Group, Darryl plays a pivotal role in managing the day to day operations, leading the team and driving strategic direction for the group.

Darryl Clark


Matthew is a qualified CPA with 25 years’ experience in senior leadership and CFO positions. Experienced in helping teams with corporate strategy and connecting operational effort to profitability. Matthew is responsible for managing the Clark Groups financials and takes a strategic approach to forecasting, structuring, modelling and all accounting, tax and compliance matters.

Matthew Lawson



Mac has proven development delivery capabilities in mixed use precincts; with a focus on residential apartments, townhouses, retail and commercial assets. With exceptional property market knowledge, sales, marketing and finance experience, Mac takes a strategic approach to identifying and acquiring new development sites for Clark Group projects.

Mac West

Director – Development

Naomi has significant tenure in COO and CFO roles in private and listed global technology and manufacturing industries. Naomi is a CPA and has experience in the strategic, operational and financial aspects of a diverse range of entities and growth industry sectors. Building best-in-class capabilities, Naomi provides the Clark Group executive team with insights necessary to inform decisions that align customer quality and value with long-term sustainability.

Naomi Rule



Reannah has an extensive background in accounting and finance, with more than 20 years of experience within the construction and development industry. Reannah is responsible for managing the Clark Groups finances, accounting functions and reporting.

Reannah Wells

FINANCial controller

With 10 years of experience in management roles within the construction and development industry and an extensive background in Human Resources, Administration, and Finance; Chantel has the comprehensive understanding and vast experience to effectively manage the Clark Group’s corporate services section.

Chantel Murray

Corporate Services Manager